Theater Kuckucksheim | Germany

Der Räuber Hotzenplotz

Thu. 30.05. – 15:00
Kulturforum Kl. Saal | Tickets
Sun. 02.06. – 14:30
Kulturforum Logenhaus | Tickets

based on the children's book by Otried Preußler

ca. 55 min
Ages 5+

Puppet Theatre | Drama

A lot of wit and a much excitement are at the core of Theater Kuckucksheim’s staging of “Der Räuber Hotzenplotz“ based on the novel by Otfried Preußler. In a colourful mixture of drama, puppetry, music and dance, the company tells the story of Kasperl and Seppels’ attempt to get back Grandmother’s stolen coffee mill while arresting the nasty robber Hotzenplotz at the same time.