double Discourse - Violence and Play

Panel Discussion

Thu. 30.05. – 11:00-12:30
Base Camp

The editorial staff of the magazine for puppet, figure and object theatre calls a series of discussions dealing with current developments in the genre “double discourse”. Based on the current issue’s theme, audiences and invited guests meet with “double” authors to examine violence as an aesthetic phenomenon. The portrayal of violence in theatre is an ambivalent field. On the one hand, if used as an artistic form contemplating on the world in the play, it serves as an effective means of reflection, enlightenment or analysis, on the other hand, it quickly falls into the trap of aestheticizing or profanation and must acquiesce in the accusation of belittlement. With which specific aesthetic means and staging strategies does puppet theatre bring this dichotomy into dynamic play? How do resistance and fascination, even fun in the reception, relate to each other? What role does the artificial material play in relation to the human body? The editorial staff members Mascha Erbelding and Christina Röfer will discuss these questions in the eighth double discourse.

Admission free!