Autonomous Shooters. War Robots on the Rise

Talk with Heiner Bielefeldt and Julian Hetzel

Mon. 27.05. – 17:00-18:00
Base Camp

admission free!

Autonomous war robots are equipped with the ability to make independent decisions, programmed to refine the killing process. This science fiction setting has long become a reality. Less collateral damage, more effective and economic warfare, less unpredictability. The “just war” in its purest form? When artificial intelligence determines life and death, ethical principles are radically challenged. Can there be a programmed morality? The UN Weapons Convention is calling for an international ban on autonomous weapons. Nowhere near all industrialised countries have signed yet…

On May 27 at 8 pm you may also see Julian Hetzel’s performance “The Automated Sniper” at the Erlanger Redoutensaal.