Public atelier for a global, future-oriented mindset

Wed. 29.05. – 15:00-21:00
Nördlicher Lorenzer Platz
Fri. 31.05. – 15:00-21:00
Sat. 01.06. – 15:00-22:00

Admission free!

Pop-up format for public spaces

Eutopia is real. In the middle of the city. Suddenly there. Open to everyone. Full of activities and positive energies to live a better tomorrow’s world today – right where we are, right now. The fictions of the future prophesy us a completely new reality, supervised, monitored and controlled by machines. It is said that digital media and artificial intelligence will soon penetrate every cell of our body. However, where does this lead us? To Mars, where we are stuck with gasp breathing in tight metal boxes? Would it not be much nicer on the blue planet, our wonderful plan A? That fascinates and challenges us once again every day with all its creatures, objects and events. Eutopia! A good place for everyone?! That is why we are here, today and right now, to construct the future together hence claiming it our own!

You are invited to look around, meddle or float – in the midst of a “global village” that arises of geodesic, mobile and informal architectures of the future. Eventfully filled with small culinary extravagances, object-supported global dialogues, analogue-digital sound affairs, visual creations of fantasy, speculative theory towers and performative networks of abstraction. How do we want to live today and in the future? Join if you want. As you want. It is your decision.

Detailed information on individual events and schedules will be available online soon!

# society
# democracy
# digitality