Lindy Annis | Germany / USA

Simple Souls

admission free!


Friday, 24 May – Sunday, 2 June
Opening Hours: Fri, 24 May: 6 pm – 10 pm
Sat/Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri: 4pm – 10pm; Thu/Sun: 12pm – 6pm
Kunstverein Erlangen – Neue Galerie

“Simple Souls“ is an encompassing installation of sculptural paper works. Hundreds of miniature human figures made of paper and thread come together in a large-format ensemble. The installation is an articulation of Annis’s continued investigation into the imbedded emotional heritage of the human form, circling around the innate pathos in passive and helpless state of the individual in the immensity of the global state. The figures echo bodies of the past. They recall the kinetic, contorted forms in the works of Francis Bacon, Umberto Boccioni or Pablo Picasso’s Guernica, the dancers of Edgar Degas, Robert Longo and Josephine Baker, the multitudes in the terracotta army. At the same time, they have the light, graceful and transient qualities of origami or paper airplanes.

Lindy Annis (*Boston 1960) studied at New York University and has spent most of her creative career in Berlin, arriving in1985 in the west area of that then divided city. Numerous performance art and theater works in and outside of Germany have brought her recognition. She uses the practice of investigation and research as an artistic resource. Influenced by art historians such as Aby Warburg, she collects images of the body and pose -from the archaic through antique, in art and current media as well as life on the street. She uses her own body as both observation subject and hypothesis guinea pig. She has created performances, lecture demonstrations, Choreographies and university seminars. The Mirror of Simple Souls is her first
sculptural installation of the Body Archive.

Vernissage in the exhibition with Lindy Annis on Friday, May 24 at 6 pm.

On Sunday, 26 May at 3pm and 6pm Lindy Annis’ paper theatre performance “Frankenstein – A Paper Play” is  presented at the Theater in der Garage.