Rimini Protokoll | Germany

Bubble Jam

Tue. 21.05. – 11:30
Tafelhalle | Tickets
Tue. 21.05. – 18:00
Tafelhalle | Tickets
Wed. 22.05. – 11:30
Tafelhalle | Tickets
Tue. 04.06. – 16:00
Markgrafensaal | Tickets

ca. 90 min
for adolescents 12+

Cloud-Performance with Smartphones

German Premiere

Who is on the other end of the internet? How does an algorithm work? Is anyone or anything giving us directions? “Bubble Jam“ is a game platform – test players follow the chat of developers and respond to their directions and questions. The game analyses the players’ responses and identifies who should be discussing together. Questions, derived from poll results, determine the game’s process: Who is playing? And who is being played?

Additional performances for schools.