Thalias Kompagnons | Germany

Kasper in Teufels Küche [Kaspar in Devil's Kitchen]

Sat. 20.05. – 21:30
Kulturforum Kleiner Saal | Tickets
Fri. 26.05. – 20:00
Stadtmuseum Schwabach | Tickets
Sat. 27.05. – 22:00
Theater in der Garage | Tickets

oder: Das Geheimnis der schlechten Laune

ca. 60 min

Puppet Theatre

In the Kasper-Theater – similar to the Punch and Judy show – the roles are clearly defined. But everything changes when the devil forges the wicked plan to corrupt the carefree happiness. Suddenly, Kasper ponders the very meaning of his existence and infects everyone with his doubts about the routines of their roles. The blissful world erodes and the Kasper-Theater is in dire need of saving! But how?