Ariel Doron | Israel

Plastic Heroes

Fri. 19.05. – 22:00
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Sat. 20.05. – 22:00
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Sun. 21.05. – 13:00
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Sun. 21.05. – 16:30
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Mon. 22.05. – 20:30
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ca. 45 min
without words

Object Theatre

Are war in child´s play and real war completely different? Not in Ariel Doron´s “Plastic Heroes“. Violence, hate, blood, gore and the pathos of war itself are put on the table as the naive toys are brought to life. In a combat with no clear goal or enemy, the border between reality and fantasy blurs. In his satirical play, Ariel Doron dismantles war images and cliches. It´s like an antiwar-“Toy Story“: Funny, sarcastic and full of wicked wit!

The performance on May 21 in Erlangen will be followed by a discussion with the artist in English. Presentation: Prof. Dr. Clemens Risi – Institute of Theatre and Media Studies, FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg