City of Erlangen – Cultural Office
Department of Festivals and Programmes
Gebbertstraße 1, 91052 Erlangen
Tel. +49 (0)9131 86-1408, Fax: +49 (0)9131 86-1411
E-Mail: info[at]

City of Nürnberg – KunstKulturQuartier
Culture and Theatre Department
Königstraße 93, 90402 Nürnberg
Tel. +49 (0)911 231-8195, Fax: +49 (0)911 231-3469
E-Mail: tafelhalle[at] and

City of Fürth – Cultural Office
Königsplatz 2, 90762 Fürth
Tel. +49 (0)911 974-1683, Fax: +49 (0)911 974-1684
E-Mail: kultur[at]

City of Schwabach – Cultural Office
Königsplatz 29a (Kulturhaus), 91126 Schwabach
Tel. +49 (0)9122 860-305, Fax: +49 (09)122 860-323
E-Mail: kulturamt[at]


City of Erlangen – Cultural Office
Department of Festivals and Programmes
Gebbertstr. 1, 91052 Erlangen – Germany
Tel. +49 (0)9131 86-1408, Fax: +49 (0)9131 86-1411
E-Mail: info[at]

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Organiser Cultural Office of the City of Erlangen Head Anne Reimann, Department of Festivals and Programme Head Bodo Birk Programme and Organisation Christine Auernheimer, Bodo Birk, Britta Bock, Annika Gloystein, Volker Holzmann, Eva-Maria Hugo, Katja Rausch Administration Franziska Hofgräff; Office: Sandra Biebl, Birgit Mönius FSJ Kultur Johannes Kurz Staff Stefan Becker, Ian Genocchi, Tanya Häringer, Edith Scholz (KS:ER) Internship Alice Yu, Anna Zumbrunnen Simsons Childrens’ Programme – Programme and Organisation Department for Socioculture, Gottfried Heidrich Theater Erlangen Director: Katja Ott; Operations: Susanne Ziegler (Head); Public Relations: Wiebke Goldhammer (Head); Theatre Box Office: Ines Häuser (Head), Claudia Brüderlein, Silvia Kulla, Andrea Liebe, Barbara Piehler; Technical Director: Kristjan Meyer; Stage Manager: Gregor Schlobat, Andreas Storjohann; Technical Staff: Daniel Drechsler, Sebastian Ebert, Frank Holzhäuser, Lutz Plorin, Daniela Schulze, Ernst Torday; Lighting: Thomas Krammer (Head), Simon Bachtik, Patrick Etzel, Anuschka Freund, Dominique Lamée; Sound and video: Christoph Panzer (Head), Hans-Christian Fuss Festival Technical Team Robert Babutzka, Gerd Budschigk (Head Experimentiertheater), Dimitar Evtimov, Christian van Loock, David Müller, Achim Niekel (Technical Planning), Uwe Renken, David Ruland, Thomas Zahn

Organiser KunstKulturQuartier of the City of Nürnberg, Department of Culture and Theater Head Michael Bader Programme and Organisation Gerti Köhn, Julia Methner, Michael Bader Operations Viola Krimmling, Julia Methner PR & Marketing Anja Schmidt, Annemarie Schorcht Ticketing Florian Kaufmann, Alice Viering, Sabine Klenk Staff Evelyn Cain, Katrin Schneider, Simone Ruf, Stephanie Braun Technical Team Tafelhalle Boaz Pinto, Anuschka Freund, Saša Batnožić, Bernd Distler Technical Team Künstlerhaus Klaus Lukas, Neil Greig, Anja Maczek Technical Team Clarissa Fricke, Özgür Kantar, Miho Kasama, Linda Siche, Johannes Voltz, Daniel Schoofs, Michael Winkler, Tobias Hübner, Felix Boier, Nils Riefstahl, Andreas Wagner, Stephan Scheiderer Partner Wally Schmidt and Paul Schmidt – Theater Salz+Pfeffer

Organiser Kulturamt der Stadt Fürth Head Claudia Floritz Programme and Organisation Claudia Floritz, Michael Loskill Staff Nora Beyer, Daniela Kögel, Elke Übelacker Cultural Forum Annette Wigger, Yvonne Swoboda-Brehm, Elke Kraus, Regina Müller Technical Team Alexander Mayer, Michael Bliemel, Martin Ritzmann, Tobias Bischofsberger Stadttheater Fürth Werner Müller (Director) and team

Organiser Kulturamt der Stadt Schwabach Head Sandra Hoffmann-Rivero Programme and Organisation Sandra Hoffmann-Rivero, Felicitas Lutz Staff Christiane Süßengut Technical Support Christoph Gerlich, Johannes Müller, Michaela Fischer

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