Stuffed Puppet / Neville Tranter | Australia/Netherlands

Mathilde – Szenen aus dem Altersheim

Fri. 26.05. – 21:30
Kulturforum Kleiner Saal | Tickets

ca. 60 min
in English

Puppet Theatre

With disheveled hair, old Mathilde hangs wearily from a coat rack and does her exercises. It´s her 102nd birthday but it is far from being joyful. She knows that it is long past time to go. But she is still waiting for a sign from her long lost lover, Jean-Michel, who made a promise to her – ages ago. So she struggles, she shudders, she shivers. Yet still she strives for something. And that something keeps her going. Neville Tranter’s Mathilde depicts age and the aging process in a modern society where even nursing home facilities are subject to an impersonal, mainly capitalistic logic.