ticket prices


Markgrafentheater 6,– / con. 5,– to 26,– / con. 18,– Euro
Redoutensaal, Markgrafentheater Bühnenhaus 17,– / con. 12,– Euro
Other venues (Garage, Glocken-Lichtspiele, Experimentiertheater, Markgrafentheater Oberes Foyer, Kulturzentrum E-Werk, Thalermühle) 15,– / con. 10,– Euro
Remote Erlangen 12,– / con. 7,– Euro
Short pieces / Rabih Mroué / Dekoltas Handwerk / Young Forum  9,– / con. 5,– Euro
Children’s performances children: 4,– / con. 3,–  adults: 8,– / con. 6,– Euro.
Service fees apply for advance booking.


Category I 19,– / con. 12,– (adv. booking); 22,– / con. 14,– Euro (box office)
Category II 16,– / con. 10,– (adv. booking); 19,– / con. 12,– Euro (box office)
Category III 13,– / con. 8,– (adv. booking); 16,– / con. 10,– Euro (box office)
Category IV 7,– (adv. booking) / 10,– Euro (box office)
Children’s performances up to the age of 12: 6,50,– (adv. booking) / 8, – Euro (box office)
Service fees apply for advance booking.


Kulturforum / Große Halle 17,– / con. 13,60 (adv. booking); 19,– / con. 9,50 Euro (box office)
Kulturforum / Kleiner Saal 11,50 / con. 9,20 (adv. booking); 14,– / con. 7,– Euro (box office)
Children’s performances children: 4,50 (adv. booking) / 6,– (box office); adults: 6,50 (adv. booking) / 8,50 Euro (box office)
Stadttheater Fürth 11,– / con. 8,80 to 29,– / con. 23,20 (adv. booking); 11,– / con. 5,50 to 29,– / con. 14,50 Euro (box office).
Service fees apply for advance booking.
Remark: Remaining tickets for presentations at Stadttheater Fürth may be purchased with a 50% discount by concessionary groups (see below) one hour prior to the show at the box office. No additional festival pass discount available.


Stadtmuseum 15,– / con. 10,– (adv. booking); 17,– / con. 10,– Euro (box office)
Service fees apply for advance booking.


Concession applies for school children and university students, apprentices/trainees, people serving  federal community or military service, volunteers fulfilling a social/ecological/cultural year, beneficiaries of social security and ALG II, as well as asylum seekers.
Erlangen and Fürth: concession applies for handicapped people as well as their companion (identity document with B-remark) and holders of the Erlangen / Fürth Pass.
Nuremberg and Schwabach: admission free for companions of handicapped people (identity document with B-remark). 50% concession for holders of the Nürnberg Pass. Concessions can only be granted upon proof of eligibility. Please also provide the respective documentation at the door.


Effective from 4 hours prior to the event until the end of operation hours, most tickets can also be used for local public transport (including German Railway, second class, supplement-free trains, single return trip) in the entire VGN-Area (linked transport system for the Greater Nuremberg area). If you would like to use this function, it is necessary to indicate the first and last name of each traveller during the Print@Home ordering process. Without this information, the Print@Home tickets do not function as transport tickets. Once the reservation process has been completed, no further changes are possible due to technical reasons.

Subject to change!

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