Tim Spooner | Great Britain

The Voice of Nature

Fri. 19.05. – 21:00
Redoutensaal | Tickets

ca. 60 min
in English


German Premiere

“The Voice of Nature” is a microcosm of our chaotic world, a place which endures the consequences of the complex systems operating within it: interactions between cultures, materials and physical forces. As a starting point it takes paintings of St. Thomas Aquinas with a dove, representing the Holy Spirit, whispering in his ear, revealing the knowledge of the universe. The performance is inspired by imaginary questions about what this information might be and in what language it might be spoken: reflections on how human beings translate a chaotic world into something seemingly intelligible.
“Tim Spooner is unclassifiable – free from any preconceived ideas and expectations. Spooner appears to only follow the logical flow of the material as it transforms, he offers us a unique, strange and powerful universe.”
(Renaud Herbin, TJP-Strasbourg)